2021 Toyota Corolla – Indiana, PA

  • Overview

    A white 2021 Toyota Corolla is angled left.

    Midsize sedans continue to be a popular choice for many car buyers. There is a lot to like about this segment of the American car market as sedans offer an affordable option that still seats five passengers like most SUV’s yet usually have much higher efficiency ratings. One company that has mastered the midsize sedan game is Toyota. The Japanese carmaker is known for producing automobiles with exceptional value, efficiency, and reliability. And their latest midsize sedan, the 2021 Toyota Corolla, lives up to those standards and even surpasses them.

    The 2021 Toyota Corolla comes in a variety of trims and configurations and even has a hybrid model that gets even better gas mileage than the base model. Another great thing about the Corolla is that the latest safety features and technologies are available on a number of trims and make the Corolla the car of the future, today. When all is said and done, you can mix and match the features that mean the most to you to create a Corolla that is unique, yet at the same time, you know that what you’re getting is a Toyota and the very definition of reliable. It is our honor to give you a closer look at the stylish, high-performing 2021 Toyota Corolla.

    121 - 169

    Horsepower (HP)

    105 - 151

    Torque (lb-ft)

    31 / 40 MPG

    Non-Hybrid Fuel Economy

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  • Performance

    A grey-blue 2021 Toyota Corolla is driving on a city highway at night near Indiana, PA.

    When it comes to midsize sedans, you are most likely looking for a car that will save on fuel without sacrificing power or performance. Or handling for that matter. And that is exactly what you get with the 2021 Toyota Corolla.

    Fuel Efficiency

    The base model of the 2021 Toyota Corolla has an outstanding EPA-estimated fuel efficiency rating of 31 MPG in the city and 40 MPG on the highway for a combined rating of 34 MPG. These numbers are great in and of themselves and were good enough to earn the Corolla (and the Corolla hybrid) the distinguished honor of being named the 2020 Green Car of the year.

    What Rests Beneath the Hood?

    What makes the Corolla over the top impressive, though, is that its stellar fuel economy rating doesn’t come at the expense of its power. The base model comes with a 1.8L 4-cylinder DOHC 16-valve engine that is capable of generating plenty of power and tops out at 139 horsepower. What’s more, is that the SE trim has an even more powerful—and fuel-efficient engine—the 2.0L 4-cylinder DOHC, which generates 169 horsepower and 151 lb-ft of torque.

    The 2021 Toyota Corolla Hybrid

    This would be enough power, efficiency, and variety to make any sedan the envy of carmakers and buyers alike, but the Corolla doesn’t stop there. The 2021 Corolla also has a hybrid option, the LE, which still packs plenty of punch at 121 horsepower, but does so with an otherworldly fuel efficiency of 53 MPG in the city and 52 MPG on the highway. These numbers make the Corolla not only one of the most high-performing vehicles on the market today, but also one of the most efficient. If you are a climate-conscious driver, the 2021 Toyota Corolla is a no brainer.

    How Well Does the 2021 Corolla Handle the Streets?

    The Corolla is also super fun to drive and handles extremely well. With front-wheel drive and a turning circle diameter of 35.6 feet from curb to curb, you will have to remind yourself that you aren’t at Daytona. The 18” alloy wheels also add to both the look and feel of the Corolla to make it a sophisticated, sporty ride.

  • Safety

    A greyish-blue 2021 Toyota Corolla is parked next to a white one under a city bridge.

    While there are many great features that make the 2021 Toyota Corolla a must-see, it is the safety features that are truly unparalleled. Toyota Sense 2.0 boasts the latest and greatest available safety technologies today, and when you put them all together, it makes the Corolla one of the safest sedans on the road.

    Toyota Sense 2.0

    The fantastic Toyota Sense 2.0 starts with a Pre Collision System that also features Pedestrian Detection. The Corolla will sense via a camera and radar when a pedestrian or other object is in your way, and a collision is expected. Both an audio and visual alert let you know to brake, but if for some reason you can’t in time, the car will do so for you in some circumstances.

    A second great feature that is part of the Toyota Sense 2.0 package is Full-Speed Range Dynamic Cruise Control. Just like typical cruise control, you can set and maintain a predetermined speed with the added benefit of sensors that can be set to keep a particular distance from the vehicle in front of you. This causes the Corolla to slow down when the car is in front of your does, ensuring you keep a safe distance.

    By detecting white and yellow lane markings, Lane Departure Alert with Steering Assist issues an audio and visual alert when the car is veering out of its lane. If you don’t respond quickly enough to get the car back into its proper lane, the Steering Assist portion takes over and gently makes course corrections to get the car back into its lane.

    What Else Is Included?

    The 2021 Corolla also comes with available Road Sign Assist, which senses road signs on the side of the road and displays them in the car to remind you of the speed limit or a stop sign.

    Finally, the Automatic High Beams feature automatically sets the car’s headlights to high beams when traveling at night above 25 mph and automatically switches them to low beams if an oncoming car is detected. Once the vehicle has passed, the Corolla automatically switches back to high beams to give you optimal sight while driving at night.

    All of these features and a few more make up one of the most comprehensive safety packages on the market today. They also make the 2021 Toyota Corolla an extremely safe vehicle to travel in.

  • Technology

    The black and white interior of a 2021 Toyota Corolla is shown.

    The interior of a midsize sedan is an extremely important part of the car. With seating for five, midsize sedans not only have to compete with other cars but SUVs too when it comes to measuring up on the inside of the ride. The good news about the 2021 Toyota Corolla is that it passes the interior test with flying colors. From ample cargo and passenger room to an impressive list of infotainment and other technologies, the Corolla has an interior that is set up perfectly.

    Cargo and Passenger Space

    The Corolla’s premium interior boasts generous legroom in both the front and back row meaning there is plenty of space to stretch out while you are driving. And with its large trunk and 60/40 foldable rear row of seats, there is plenty of room to haul your things no matter where you are going.

    The driver’s and passenger’s seats are also well stocked with a list of goodies that will make any buyer happy. From automatic climate control to an integrated camera with projected path displayed in the center console, the interior of the Corolla is at the same time comfortable, convenient, and safe.

    The SofTex trimmed and leather-wrapped steering wheel also contributes nicely to an elegant and practical interior. The USB ports and 12-volt power outlet add to the functionality of the Corolla.

    Infotainment and other Tech

    The infotainment system with an available 8” touch touchscreen rounds out the exceptional interior of the Corolla. And with Android Auto standard on all trims, the Corolla allows you to stay connected no matter where you are or where you are going. For those who have iPhones, the Corolla is also equipped with Apple CarPlay.

    Finally, the 2021 Toyota Corolla also comes with a 3-month Sirius XM All Access trial, so you can listen to all of your favorite shows while you drive. It also has Amazon Alexa compatibility so you can play music from your home device, find parking, and more with only your voice. The final impressive feature? The 2021 Corolla has Remote Connect, which enables you to start the Corolla or lock and unlock the doors from your smartwatch or smartphone.

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