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These days, it’s not uncommon to find your favorite vehicle model in a hybrid, plug-in hybrid, or even all-electric version. America’s interest in alternative energy, specifically for cars, is at an all-time high. Who can blame them? Gas-powered cars are bad for the environment, and the cost of fuel keeps rising. That curiosity is especially understandable when you consider the car that started it all: the Toyota Prius. Visit a Toyota Prius dealership, and you’ll see just how the iconic Prius has continued to capture the interest of curious buyers.

The Prius debuted back in 1997 and took the automotive industry by storm. Considered the world’s first mass-market hybrid, the Prius stood for something new - environmental stewardship and good decision-making - and drivers felt an unmatched sense of pride being seen around town driving a Prius. It quickly took its place as a cultural icon, supplanting the gas-guzzling SUV for school drop-offs and taking on carpooling duty for commuters.

A blue and a white 2021 Toyota Prius are parked in front of a lake and snow-covered mountains.

Pride-of-ownership seeped into our cells, especially when we saw big-name Hollywood celebrities proudly taking driving the Prius to the latest dining hotspot or awards ceremony. It wasn't just the "environmental people" anymore: the Prius went mainstream yet still delivered its owners a distinct feeling of individuality, as though they were members of a small club. That reputation has only grown as the years have passed and more and more drivers have discovered the unique advantages of driving the world’s first hybrid.

In fact, since its debut, Toyota has sold millions of Prius models globally, making it not only Toyota’s single most popular hybrid vehicle, but the most popular hybrid in the world. In other words, the Prius leads the pack for Toyota and for the hybrid vehicle market overall. Moving into the future, we expect it will continue to serve not only as an icon of the category but as a sales leader as well. That’s because of its ongoing customer loyalty, a proven track record of epic reliability, and an incredibly low overall cost of ownership.

A red 2021 Toyota Prius is driving on a city street at night after leaving a Toyota Prius dealership.

Why the Prius Is the Best Hybrid

The Prius is arguably the best hybrid model on the market because Toyota has never stopped innovating and infusing new technology into not only the powertrain but the vehicle’s interior and exterior features. Currently in its fourth generation, the newest Prius debuted in 2015 and represented a massive exterior redesign that added sharp exterior lines and a whole host of engineering refinements that are in keeping with Toyota’s commitment to its flagship hybrid vehicle.

Because of its stellar reliability, it’s not unusual to see first-generation Prius models still on the road today. Add to that Toyota’s impressive 10 year / 150,000 mile battery warranty, and you know that you can count on the Prius for the long run. As a hybrid, the Prius marries the best of battery power and gas power, giving drivers longer range and eliminating dependence on any one fuel source. For absolute independence from gasoline, look for one of the Prius plug-in hybrids. These models are designed to run on battery power alone for short distances, making them ideal for city drivers.

The Toyota Prius is known for its roomy interior for both passengers and cargo, intuitive controls, and excellent visibility, as well as a whole host of standard safety equipment that protects occupants while on the go. Combined with Toyota’s legendary reliability, the Prius is super safe, super roomy, and super dependable. As proof, the Toyota Prius has been named a Top Safety Pick by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) every year since 2011.

A couple is walking away from a red 2021 Toyota Prius Prime that is charging.

Reasons to Shop at Colonial Toyota

If you’re in the market for a Toyota Prius, look no further than Colonial Toyota. We’re your Indiana, Pennsylvania, headquarters for the best selection of new and pre-owned Prius models at prices that can’t be beat. We’re here to help you find a Prius that fits your budget and lifestyle. We’ll happily arrange a test drive, and one of our sales consultants can take you through the entire Prius lineup so you can find the perfect one!

We believe in a relaxed, no-hassle sales experience, and that continues into our finance department. Our team of highly-trained finance experts will guide you through the purchase or leasing process, working to find the best possible rates for your specific budget and credit score. We will also fairly value your trade, so you know you’re getting the best deal when you drive off the lot.

Since we opened our doors over 70 years ago, Colonial Toyota has been helping our customers through the car-buying process, providing the highest levels of service and a no-haggle sales experience. We’re committed to stocking a huge inventory of new and used cars and providing a warm, welcoming environment so you can relax and shop for your new car.

After the sale, let our factory-certified technicians help you keep your new Toyota running great. Our state-of-the-art service department is equipped with the diagnostic tools and equipment to manage everything from routine maintenance - like oil changes and tire rotations - to more extensive repairs. You can even schedule your next service appointment online for maximum convenience.

If you have any questions, contact us by phone or email today. Our sales and service departments are open Monday through Saturday for your convenience. Better yet, visit our beautiful showroom at 2600 West Pike Road in Indiana, Pennsylvania. We’re here to serve you, whether you’re buying a car or looking for high quality service. We can’t wait to help!

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